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Complications that can arise from Crohn's disease

Crohn’s disease is a painful and difficult illness in itself; However, when you also take into account the complications that may occur as a result, the full effect of Crohn’s can be overwhelming.

The most common complication that arises from Crohn ‘s, due to excessive inflammation, swelling and scar tissue, obstructions or obstacles that occur throughout the digestive tract. How to thicken the walls of the intestine, intestinal passages become significantly tighter and more easily blocked. Symptoms of obstruction typically include abdominal cramping, bloating and prompting. Vomiting is also common. Inflammation can be controlled by medications, but if the swelling is not reduced adequately enough to block pass, surgery may be required. In addition, surgery to remove the affected area of the intestine may be necessary if the obstruction occurs frequently.

Another common complication of Crohn’s sufferers is the formation of ulcers or sores inside the intestinal tract. Deep ulcers sometimes can move forward in fistulas, which can channel into tissues around the vagina, bladder or skin, or can combine different areas of the intestine. Fistulas can lead to further complications if they become infected, such as fever and abdominal pain. If they are relatively small, they can be treated with medication, but larger or more fistula severe may require surgery. Another problem that arises occasionally is the formation of abscesses, or pockets of pus, from fistulas. These areas of infection typically require drainage through a catheter or surgical drainage. Areas around the rectum are often affected by abscesses. Another complication is the development of fissures or cracks, around the lining of the anus. As A result of excessive blood loss from ulcers and sores, anemia is also common.

By insufficient dietary intake, excessive nutrient loss through vomiting and diarrhea and poor absorption of food, malnutrition and nutritional deficiencies are often a complication caused by Crohn’s disease. Although not typically detected unless the disorder occurs in extended lifetimes, these deficiencies may include lack of vitamins, proteins and calories. Fortunately, nutritional supplementation is usually effective in treating malnutrition. This can include injections of lack of nutrients or ingestion in the form of liquid or pill. Because supplements are usually in concentrated form, they are more efficient and absorbed in quantities greater than are available in the food intake alone.

An often forgotten complication of Crohn’s disease is the psychological impact that has on its sufferers. Depression, anxiety and tension are common among patients.

The untold secrets to improve your physical fitness

You may disagree with me on this but please hear me out, “the best and the only exercise program for you is what you will do!” The next time you start an exercise program or eating plan please note the following guidelines and if it doesn’t accumulate not putting oneself through the hassle.

You need something to stick for the rest of your life, never start a program that will be set up to fail. Must be interesting and funny or you will never stick with it.
Below you will find some very interesting fitness tips to be held right on track.

Abdominal workout-the safest and most productive to train the abs are use the brace and hollow technique. Try standing normally, breathing normally, now suck your stomach in towards your spine and hold, remember to breath normally, hold for seven seconds and release, now do this exercise 10 times.

This is a basic isometric exercise that helps strengthen your ABS and muscular girdle around your waist.

Walk fast-research shows that regular, walking is one of the best exercises you can do for your overall fitness. Suited for people of all ages and fitness levels, it is easy to start and there is no complicated techniques to earn or buy equipment.

Walking is a great way to get in shape because it uses almost all the muscles and, as you have to bring the weight of the body, its relatively tiring. It is also safer to the joints and the back that most other forms of exercise because you’re not jumping up and down, then the impact is low.

Try Fitness Boxing-Boxing today is recognized as a health promoting endurance systems and exercise program that provides a total cardiovascular workout for six.

The exercises can be done with or without equipment. If you want to buy equipment then a heavy bag and boxing gloves available at any sports store for between $ 50.00 and $ 100.00.

A good jump rope can be bought very cheaply too. Other benefits include boxing, increased resistance, increased strength, speed and coordination, and used to reduce aggression. Sports scientists agree that boxing training is one of the best exercises because it affects the body.

Another advantage of boxing is promotes a people well is strengthening self-discipline. Combined with strength training, cardiovascular work becomes the total package for self defense and total fitness.

Checking the pulse-the best way to measure the effects of an exercise program on your body is to check your pulse. The easiest way to check your wrist is to place your index and middle fingers on your wrist or carotid artery.

Immediately after the exercise, counting your pulse for 15 seconds and multiply by 4. This can also be carried out during the exercise safely if possible. For a more accurate reading of a pulse to buy an electronic device from any sports shop.

Working Heart Rate Adjusted age-so now you have your exercise heart rate or heart rate per minute. Focus on the upper end of the ranges 50%-70%.

To calculate this out, deduct your age from 220. Suppose that your age is 40, deduce this from 220 and you get 180, 50% is 90 180 beats per minute, the 60% is 108 180 beats per minute, the 70% is 126 beats per minute, and so on. Don’t jump straight into 70% work.

Start with 50% and slowly work your way up to the upper limit of 70%. Start with no more than 10 minutes and up to 20 minutes of work. After 20 minutes at 70% and you are comfortable with that then work to increase your heart rate up to 80%.

Active isolated Stretching test (AI)-which extends to doing what it should to do stretching, it transports oxygen to sore muscles and quickly removes toxins so recovery is faster.

Finally also functions as a deep massage technique because it activates muscle fibers during the stretch. Isolate the muscle or group that you want to extend and contract the muscle opposite. This causes the isolated muscle or group to relax now and when it does it is ready to stretch.

Gently and quickly stretch the isolated muscle until it stretched any further; now give yourself a gently pull with your hands or rope. Go as far as it can and then hold the stretch for no more than 2 seconds and then release, do this for a total of 5 repetitions on the isolated muscle or group.

Jumat, 29 Maret 2013

Having a pain in your ass-couldn't be Sciatica

Not feeling good about you because finally decided to clean out the garage, but you are so sore the next day you can move-especially in your ass muscles? Many patients see us for emergency treatment this time of year because they made something out of the ordinary, such as: play golf; garage cleaning; raking leaves; or camping and sleeping with a rock under them. And now they are experiencing pain in the butt.

Many times these patients come in thinking I have sciatica. What they are actually experiencing is called piriformis syndrome. This joint muscle injury can result from repetitive movements and over use of your piriformis muscle. Pain is often felt in gluteal muscles first, with subsequent referred pain in the legs. This is commonly mistaken for sciatica.

What is piriformis syndrome?

The piriformis is a muscle that originates at the base of the spine and you put at the top of the thigh bone (femur). The sciatic nerve runs through the piriformis muscle. If the muscle becomes tight, often from overuse, can put pressure on the sciatic nerve and cause pain that may radiate down the leg. Piriformis Syndrome often imitates the sciatica, the difference is the source of the pain.

Every muscle that is used repeatedly in need a chance to recover. Imagine what happens to your piriformis muscle every time swing golf club. The repetitive swinging motion and sudden muscle pulls, that eventually begins to spasm. When the piriformis muscle begins to spasm will pull the hip bone causing the hip to become misaligned.


The treatment for piriformis syndrome is to seek chiropractic treatment for misaligned hip and a physio/masseur for trigger point therapy and stretching.

Self treatment for piriformis syndrome is to use a tennis ball or golf (a cold one is better) on your hip or butt area. Sit on the floor and put your weight on the golf ball. Move the ball until the ball is in the place where it hurts most. If it’s sore and it hurts while you’re sitting on the golf ball is doing a great job! Toxins tend to accumulate in the muscles tight and put pressure on this area to relieve toxins, and also breaks the pain-spasm-pain cycle.

Other tips: avoid using heat, use ice and taking ibuprofen if you need it. Visit your local chiropractor or physiotherapist to help break the cycle of pain-spasm-pain.


Regular stretching and strengthening are the best ways to prevent the piriformis syndrome. This muscle rarely gets stretched, so often a simple routine of stretching works wonders.

Stretch before doing any repetitive activities such as golf, raking leaves, play tennis or doing extra chores around the House such as cleaning out the garage. Heat the piriformis muscle by running in place, stretching the muscle, and getting chiropractic adjustments.

To stretch the piriformis muscle right:

Lay on your back, bend your knees and cross your right leg over your left so that your right ankle rests on his left knee in a figure 4. Bring the left leg toward your chest by bending at the hip. Reach through and grab your left thigh to help pull the chest.

Sit on the floor with your legs extended out. Place your right knee on the left leg. Place your left arm on the right leg, twisting torso and pushing the right knee of the left leg.

Hold both stretches for 30 seconds, repeat five times on the painful side. If you extend alone does not help, check with your chiropractor or a physical therapist.

Causes and symptoms of dehydration

In this article we are going to look at which dehydration is, what can cause and some of the many symptoms of dehydration. When water is drawn away from anything we consider to be dehydrated. Think dried fruit, all the moisture or water is removed. This is the same for the body, when it has the right amount of water, simply won’t work well.

Dehydration can be a very serious condition and if left untreated can cause death. Now I’m sure there are at least slightly dehydrated States sometimes or maybe drank too much alcohol. While this is not life threatening is still a bad thing for your body.

Now here are some of the causes of dehydration:

dry heat
working under the Sun without enough water
cooked food
products containing caffeine
severe hyperglycemia
many diseases

So you see a lot of things we do in our daily life can cause the effects of dehydration. The best thing we can do is to start drinking a lot of water on a regular basis and make it a priority. Many times when we feel hungry is actually that we thirst and you can’t tell the difference. So drink more water can actually have an effect on our waistlines as well. That is a great bonus!

So now let’s talk a little about the symptoms of dehydration.

Some of these may include:

This is obvious that you become thirsty
lose your appetite
the mouth becomes dry
the urine becomes dark
becoming disoriented or dizzy
If the blood pressure is low
If you feel weak or tired

These are some of the primary symptoms, but there may be others like all is very different. Be sure to drink plenty of water, if there is one of these. You may also want to put a little salt in the water to help replace electrolytes. These are very important. If you have more severe symptoms of dehydration wise to seek medical help.